Migrant Wings/Alas Migrantes (Video)

La vida es sagrada y se santifica a través de el amor mutuo. No cortes las alas a personas que solo quieren sobrevivir. Promueve el amor y respeto hacia el migrante, porque tu mismo (a) una vez lo fuiste o lo serás. Life is sacred and it is sanctified through mutual love. Do not cut the wings of people who just want to survive. Promote love and mutual respect towards migrants, because you were once a migrant or maybe you will later become one. http://www.facebook.com/nancycordovamusic http://www.instagram.com/nancycordovamusic http://www.nancycordova.com

Video Credits:

Music: Original music and lyrics by Nancy Cordova-Molina.

Video footage: Gaba Cortez, Aaron Gurrolla, Jorge Molina, Karla Molina, Eric Dominguez, Israel Arvayo, Selma Hassane, Corinna Rauer, Dschafar El Kassem,

Musicians: Luis Sandoval, Eduardo Olivares, Antonio Valderrama, Daniel Sandoval, Rebecca Ottinger.

Music mixed and mastered by Martin Jr. Music

Video Director and Producer: Jorge Molina

#artivism #refugees #migrants #migrantrights #migrantwings #alasmigrantes #musica #musicvideo #cantora #singerandsongwriter #independentartist #nancycordovamusic

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